About Orpheus Ireland

This website is the creation of Tony Harpur, a music-lover living in Dublin, Ireland. My intention is to use it as a platform where I can offer resources and information that may be useful to others with musical interests similar to mine.

During many years as a choral singer, and a few as a choir director, I have been interested in digital learning aids that can be used to help singers learn their music. On this site you will find a survey of the issues involved in this activity and some recommendations on the best sites to visit.

On an entirely different front, the site contains a new English translation that I have made of Die tote Stadt, the opera by Erich Krngold. It is designed to be used while listening to a recording, with the original German text and the English translation on facing pages.

Future plans? Currently anyone with a computer and a good internet connection has the potential to access great music in a way that would have seemed incredible to previous generations. Many music lovers, though, fail to make the most of this possibility. It might be useful to offer some advice in this area, both on hardware issues and on the best music sources.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions. And let me know if you find any errors or malfunctions on the site.