About Orpheus Ireland

This website is the creation of Tony Harpur, a music-lover living in Dublin, Ireland. My intention is to use it as a platform where I can offer resources and information that may be useful to others with musical interests similar to mine.

During many years as a choral singer, and a few as a choir director, I have built up a sizeable collection of files that can be used to help singers learn their music. These are midi files and in this format are particularly suitable for choral learning. It is my intention to offer these midi files for free download to anyone who wants them. Currently only a few works are ready for download but you will see a large number in “the pipeline”, needing just a little further work on their organisation. I intend to advance steadily on this.

On an entirely different front, the site contains a new English translation that I have made of Die tote Stadt, the opera by Erich Krngold. It is designed to be used while listening to a recording, with the original German text and the English translation on facing pages.

In the future I would hope to offer some material on the huge topic of listening to classical music via the internet. This would fall into two broad areas. One would be guidance on different computing devices and ancillary hardware (headphones, speakers, amplifiers, dongles, connectors). The other would be information about the best music sources (websites, apps, streaming, downloads).

But the priority for the immediate future will be to keep chipping away at that midi file pipeline.